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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Check out this cool trend on musical.ly!: inspired by @thafinesse.keri Try falling back but I can't, I keep leaning towards you. If you wanna leave, then just leave but I hope it ain't easy for you. I'm turning myself inside out, can't believe you don't see this for you. Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah. Misunderstood, you only see. Pieces that fit your view of me. Your mind is made up, my hands are tied No Lyrics: I think it's so cute and I think it's so sweet / How you let your friends encourage you to try and talk to me / But let me stop you there, oh, before you speak / Nah to the ah t

She presented him her new album, Thank You, but he said that there was no good single. It made her angry. It made her angry. Producer Ricky Reed recalled how this track came up, She was angry and rushed over to my space Using no hands on my dick [StarBoi3:] She goin' ham on my, she goin' ham on my She goin' ham on my dick tonight She not with him tonight, she not with Jim tonight She in the gym tonight Workout in that pussy (Ayy) I'm gettin' ripped tonight R.l.P that pussy (Ayy) I'm goin' in tonight Submit Corrections. Thanks to Abriana Fuentes, Trinity R. Carter for correcting these lyrics. Andy Richter told. Lyric Finder - Search the world's best lyric sites and find lyrics for any song My wife told me how, when she was about 13, her dog was sniffing up her skirt and licking her panties.He was so determined that she eventually pulled the gusset to one side and let him lick her, she said it was amazing as his tongue was so rough

She said Alexa- play 'Knowing something. But the song actually said something like I know about you. She said that this wasn't the name of the song, but the Alexa got the song she meant, and played it: It was sung by a guy, very current song. Sakina 29 May 2021 Reply. Help I need to know one song I heard from radio on 200s or early I don't have idea 💡 song looks like I am in. She said look ma, no hands and no darling I don't dance And I'm with Roscoe, I'm with Waka, I think I deserve a chance I'm a bad mothafucka, gon' ask some mothafuckas A young handsome mothafucka I sling that wood, I just Nunchuck 'em And who you with? And what's your name? You not hip boo, I'm Wale And that D.C. shit I rep all day And my eyes.

Wnbuhsbbshbshwbhwb DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD Lyrics: Pull up with a stick, I pull up with a stick (Mike WiLL Made-It) / I'll pull up with a pink toe, I'm whippin', she suckin' this dick (Ear Drummers) / I put some diamonds. Avalanche Lyrics: Woo / Papa was a rollin' stone, but now I got rollin' stones in the bezel (Ice) / Mama at home all alone, hustlin', tryna keep this shit together (Mama) / Young niggas smokin' o

little grotto. I met no opposition and my finger sunk in its full length. The child had lost her maid-enhead, though she was so tight. Oh my darling girl, I said, You've been fucked. Yes, she said, and it is good. Please do it to me. I've never had anyone but my brothers. Father thinks he is too big and there are so few strangers come here Lollipop Lyrics: Oww! Hahahaha / Uh-huh / No homo (Young Mula, baby) / I said, He's so sweet, make her wanna lick the wrapper / (Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!) / So I let her lick the rapper (Hahah Sofia said, when she came down to my room.She's not afraid of interrupting me to ask if Skip to content. KULMOVIES. World free movies, songs, clips, stories, tvshows, tvseries and sports news. Menu. Sister dropping her bra (pre story) Site August 21, 2016 August 21, 2016 Uncategorized. Post navigation. Previous. Next My name is Marc. I'm 18 years old and live at home with my parents and. Nickelback Lyrics. Shakin' Hands. (Hey, Hey) She had her eyes on the prize as the girl next door. You grow up quick when you grow up poor. It's the only way to LA that she knows. The Hollywood pose: teeth, tits, and toes. It didn't take her long to leave the boulevard. So many Five Star friends with black credit cards I enter New York, no problem with my dick out/California porno star, my ass, you can lick out - Sex Style - Kool Keith Kool Keith - the man who invented porno-core. Say no more

she said No more, and that blue-eyed girl became blue-eyed whore. Down by the water I took her hand. My lovely daughter - won't see her again. Oh help me Jesus, get through the storm. I had to lose her - to do her harm. I heard her holler. I heard her moan. My lovely daughter - I took her home. Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water - come back here man, gimme my daughter. If I want a man, then I'mma get a man. But it's never my priority. I was in my zone, before you came along, Don't want you to take this personal. Blah, blah, blah, I be like nah to the ah to the, no, no, no! All my ladies listen up. If that boy ain't giving up. Lick your lips and swing your hips

Waka Flocka - No Hands (Lyrics) She said Look ma

  1. She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself Cruel baby baby baby why you want to treat me this way You know I'm still your lover boy I still feel the same way That's when she told me a story 'bout free milk and a cow And she said no huggin' no kissin' until I get a wedding vow My honey my baby don't put my love upon no shelf She said don't hand me no lines and keep your.
  2. She said the path you walk Gonn' be hard one to tread 'Cause the night is your only love Lots of girls gonn' be hurt Said it's part of your fate 'Cause you're the one, you're the one And now I know my place In this life I ride And I know the things I feel A burning deep inside So if you want to meet evil I'm the one, I'm the one I'm the one, I'm the one I'm the one, I'm the one Yea, I'm the.
  3. Kid gloves are not on my hands I will never condescend Now spread your yourself She smiled a bit Gripped the outline of my shit Oh, my god, I love this chick I'mma put my tongue in this Into every space I go Give me everything you am She said, No, you gimme first That was like a day ago 8 AM She still got my. Check Out. NEW SONG: AC/DC - Shot In The Dark - LYRICS; 23 Boy Band Slow Jams.

My hand shall be upon you. my gentle arms have spawned you. so I say to thee as I have said before Lie not dormant. be not like the rocks. lying near the pond. gathering the moss. follow close behind me. no matter what the cost. I will be your shepherd. be my flock. Lo, I am with thee. child I will help thee. Be not discouraged. nor weary of. [Hardstyle] Lick my basket Ooh, save sex Make me- Lick it straight, yeah lick it long Lick my face Lick my arms And lick my brain Lick my heart We.. Hide genres you don't like in the Account Settings. Home; Free Tracks; Lyrics; Requests; Help; Share Us; Comments; Login / Register; Add Lyric ; Add Free Track ; Add Request ; My Likes ; Submission Stats ; Recently Browsed +5 (5 rates - 2.

Waka Flocka Flame - No Hands Lyrics Genius Lyric

Waka Flocka - No Hand Lyric

  1. I said my, my, my, I'm once bitten twice, shy babe. My, my, my, I'm once bitten twice shy baby. My, my, my, I'm once bitten twice shy baby. Ah, woman, you're a mess, gonna die in your sleep. There's blood on my amp and my Les Paul's beat. Can't keep you home, you're messin' around
  2. e. The 1975, Sex. Come alive on the driver's side. So close I taste your breath.Your lips go dry, but they're sweet inside. Jimmy Eat.
  3. My ex said she gave me the best years of her life. Seen a recent picture of her and I guess she was right. Cause you was in college complainin' about it's no jobs. But you were suckin' a.

Singing rightful too-ra-laddie too-ra-lee There is no one who can tell a lie like me You can search until you tire, you won't find a bigger liar I've been lying since the dawn of history I saw Delilah cuttin' Samson's hair She snipped away until his head was bare When he couldn't run away, she married him next day And they opened a barber shop in Clare Singing rightful too-ra-laddie too-ra-lee. Put my hands on her head, she a pet (Ah) M-I-G-O, nigga, that's the set (Migo) Fuck that P-O, I'ma just pay it (Who) White glass in my Lambo, it look like it's albino I hit your bitch, she say, Ouch, hit a high note (Ouch) I'm Richie Rich like Lionel (Richie Rich) Count your blessings, don't worry 'bout the rivals (Hey My home boys told me she could suck a mean dick! I walked up to her, I showed her a rock I said you can have it if you lick my cock So we went behind building, I gave her the dope then I slammed this dick to the back of her throat She was workin' it, she was jerkin' it And when I shot my nut say what she went a slurpin i Imagine she doing it like she getting blunt it You know french kiss and put the tongue on it And then she stopped and I was like doggone it Stop acting scared like my house haunted Oh yes you will be licking my dick tonight I said boo Do me and I'll do you She said ok go first and I'll do you Well I do (lick the pussy) And you do (lick the dick I said, ‽Excuse my hands,†she said Boy stop playin'<br /> Come make love to yo' number one fan, hello<br /> (Please excuse my hands)<br /> <br /> Before I kiss ya or make love to ya, I wanna touch<br /> Can you please face the wall? You 'bout to get strip searched<br /> My hands talkin' to me, they want now what's under yo' skirt<br />

Waka Flocka Flame - No Hands Lyrics AZLyrics

My bitch bad. My bitch bad. [Chorus:] My bitch bad she stay groovy like an auston powers movie coogi on her booty. Best believe my bitch Juicey shes fly yea shes one of a kind and got flavor. Chew all on her bubble gum and squeez her now a laters [x2] [Verse 1: Juice] My ace boon bad that's my muh-fucin bitch I like the way she walk the way she. She said I melt in your mouth not in your hands. I said Gretel I'm about to bounce so what is your plan? She said chilling with my girlfriends, waiting for Hansel. So he can drive me home, I'm hoping he don't cancel . I asked her if Hansel was her lover. She said nah silly, Hansel is my brother. In that case tell him he don't have to do that. Don't worry I'll take you back. She said I don't.

She said lick my no hands🤲🏽 - YouTub

  1. Can't catch no dose Of my hot tail poon tang sweetheart Sweathog ready to make a skilk purse From a j paul getty and his ear With her face in the beer Home sweet home Get out in the field Put the mule in the stable Ma she's a cookin' Put the eats on the table Hate's in the city And my love's in the meadow Hands on the plow And my feets in the.
  2. Lick my licks, I'm on fire, Lick my licks of desire, I'll tie your legs, keep you, against my chest, Oh, you're not rid of me, Yeah, you're not rid of me, Make you lick my injuries, I'm gonna twist your head off see, Make you lick my injuries, I'm gonna twist your head off see, Do you see..
  3. Down on my hands, I was never the type. I had to get up and better my life. This was one lucky game of rollin' dice. Life changed, life changed. I'm movin' on to the better things. Life changed, life changed. I know they wanna see me die, not change. Okay, no way-ayy. I found my startеr kit, now I won't play
  4. Saw her on her Tinder, said she like long walks (Oh the beach) All yo' shit fake but there's Gucci on my fit She want bread for the head but no, I'm not a trick (Nah) Switchin' up the roles, charge a rack for the flick Keeping dirty money but my hands still clean (Yup) Bitch is high tech, yeah, I think she off the lean Don't try to kiss me, ho, you need some Listerine Drown in.
  5. [Hardstyle] Lick my basket Ooh, save sex Make me- Lick it straight, yeah lick it long Lick my face Lick my arms And lick my brain Lick my heart We.. Hide genres you don't like in the Account Settings. Home; Free Tracks; Lyrics; Requests; Help; Share Us; Comments; Login / Register; Add Lyric ; Add Free Track ; Add Request ; My Likes ; Submission Stats ; Recently Browsed +5 (5 rates - 2.

One night he begged she be his bride but she said, No, it can not be. my hands they shook as the noon bells chimed so at the last bell I showed her my knife. And I laid to rest my beautiful bride out in the heather where the sun burns bright. Now all alone under the cool night sky where locusts scream and white moths fly, silvery moonbeams fall on her grave, but twisting black vines. Got my girl, she's a wow I cast my iron knickers down Man-size no need to shout Can you hear, can you hear me now I'm man-sized Man-sized. I measure time I measure height I calculate my birthright Good lord i'm big I'm heading on Man-size Got my leather boots on. Got my girl she's a wow I cast my iron knickers down Man-size no need to shou hands when they saw that I had reached the height of my delight and was pouring the liquid token of my love into the ardent, wanton little witch who, impaled on my tool, rubbed herself so lustfully against me. As she felt my juices gush into her she threw her legs about my waist and her arms about my neck and glued her lips to mine and gave her-self up to the joys of sensation like the sweet.

She lick my no hands - YouTub

He had a boogie style that no one else could play. He was the top man at his craft, But then his number came up and he was gone with the draft. He's in the army now. he's blowin' reveille. He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B. Oh, You can't hurry love No, you just have to wait She said, love don't come easy It's a game of give and tak She's got balls She's got soul my lady Likes to crawl my lady All around the floor on her hands and knees Because she likes to please me CHORUS And she's got taste my lady Pace my lady Makes my heart race With her pretty face She's got balls my lady Likes to crawl my lady On her hands and knees all around the floor No one has to tell her what a. I was in my zone before you came along, now I'm thinking maybe you should go. Blah, blah, blah, I be like nah to the ah to the no, no, no. All my ladies listen up. If that boy ain't giving up. Lick your lips and swing your hips. Girl all you gotta say is. My name is no. My sign is no. My number is no EAZY-E. Trust No Bitch Feat Amg And Dj Quik Lyrics. Yes Im too smart to get dicked...or so the case may be. that's how the ho felt when she found at that she. couldnt play me. I know the game and I know it rather swell too. Rubbin up on my dick and givin me hints that your. interested. thinking first you'll kiss my lips and rub my hips

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  1. And my hands shake, my head hurts, my voice sticks inside my throat I'm invisible and dumb, And no one will recall me And I can't see the water for the tears in my ey-y-yes. Report as inappropriate. 5/15/2009. Lisa A. Brooklyn, NY; 172 friends 432 reviews One day I will know That's it's a waste of time And there's a better road ahead of me I just don't know how to make it there So I'll.
  2. Bitch don't wear no shoes in my house The private I'm flyin' in, I never wanna fly again I'll take my chances in traffic (yeah) She suckin' on dick, no hands with it I just made the Rollie plain like a landing-strip I'm a 2020 president candidate I done put a hundred bands on Zimmerman, shit I been movin' real gangsta', so that's why she pick a.
  3. Lick my legs and I'm desire. I'll tie your legs, keep you against my chest, no, you're not rid of me. I'll make you lick my injuries. I'll twist your head off 'til you say. Don't you wish you never met her! I beg you my darling don't leave me I'm hurting. Big lonely above everything, above everyday. I'm hurting. Lick my legs.
  4. The album spans his entire career and includes key hits and deep tracks, as well as an entire third disc devoted to rarities. Released: November 11, 2003. Label: Columbia Records. Produced By: Bruce Springsteen, Mike Appel, Roy Bittan, Jimmy Cretecos, Jon Landau, Brendan O'Brien, Chuck Plotkin, Steve Van Zandt. Listen Now
  5. On My Fifteenth Birthday. Sweetie, I say, I'm a ten. He says that with my new breasts I'm probably a twelve. I put my arm around his waist while he picks out dresses that he likes. We have all twelves when the saleslady asks us if she can put the dresses in a fitting room. I wonder if the saleslady can tell I'm just a daughter
  6. Migos - Avalanche Lyrics & Traduction. [Quavo] Woo. [Quavo] Poppa was a rollin' stone, but now I got rollin' stones in the bezel (Ice) Momma at home all alone, hustlin', tryna keep this shit together (Momma) Young niggas smokin' on gas, I'm livin' too fast, my foot on the pedal (Whoo) If I got back to the past, my niggas ain't know we'd be rockin'

Disarm by She Makes War, released 01 September 2010 1. Scared To Capsize 2. A-Hole 3. No Fireworks 4. Slow Puncture 5. NIMN 6. Olympian 7. Eye Spy 8. Let This Be 9. Got Milk 10. I Am 11. Chicken 12. ghostsandshadows 13. (Love) Like Liars My first album was recorded in the biting winter of 2009 in London Fields. After a few abortive attempts to gather the songs together over previous years, I. Her goal, she said was to give listeners joyous chills with a vocal inflection or a guitar lick. The feel of the songs came as she was working on improving herself and replacing fear with happiness and acceptance. After I had my son, because of everything, I just told you about my life, I became hyper protective of my joy, she said. She had been sitting on his lap giving him a deep kiss while his hands were under her dress. I had noticed that while she was in the ladies room, he had taken his ***** out of his pants. I assumed that when she straddled his lap, he slipped it into her *****. When I interrupted, she was so startled that she jumped up and almost turned over the table. She said it wasn't what it looked like and.

Meghan Trainor - No Lyrics Genius Lyric

B i o g r a p h y (by Richie Unterberger) Few rock groups can claim to have broken so much new territory, and maintain such consistent brilliance on record, as the Velvet Underground during their brief lifespan.It was the group's lot to be ahead of, or at least out of step with, their time. The mid- to late '60s was an era of explosive growth and experimentation in rock, but the Velvets. She utilized her position as a preceptor to send her creation to eager students. We sent all the students a lab kit in September, and I just stuck the vaccine in 10 of them, Foochi said. She instructed her students to take the vaccine, and then told each of them to lick their local supermarket's floor. Following the instructions would. She won't take corner boys They ain't got no money And they're so easy I said Hey, baby Won't you take my hand Walk with me down Broadway Well mama take my arm andÊ move with me down Broadway I'm a young man, I talk it real loud Yeah babe I walk it real proud for you Ah so shake it away So shake away your street life Shake away your city lif Now she riding with me cause you wasn't ridin' her right, All I do is win win win no matter what Got money on my mind I can never get enough And every time I step up in the buildin' Everybody hands go up And they stay there And they say yeah And they stay there Up down, up down, up down 'Cause all I do is win win win And if you goin' in put your hands in the air Make 'em stay there Heat in the. She 05:06. lyrics. buy track. She says It's hard to be me sometimes So she swallows them whole And breathes in lines She's a god when her nose hurts She's a god and I know her Well I see her every single night In a room full of boys Underneath these lights and She's drowning out now What's bringing her down She's so gone now

Meghan Trainor - NO Lyrics AZLyrics

Misheard Song Lyrics-> Artist-> B-> The Beatles. Misheard song lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.This page contains all the misheard lyrics for The Beatles that have been submitted to this site and the old collection from inthe80s started in 1996 XXL highlights 20 of the most quote-worthy lyrics from Young Thug's new album, 'Beautiful Thugger Girls,' that stand out the most Misheard: She's got a camouflage face and no mmmmmm. Actual: She's got a camouflaged face and no money. Misheard: Remember they always let you down when you kneed 'em. Actual: Remember they always let you down when you need 'em. Misheard: She got a polish like she got a turnip nose. Misheard: She got her ponies back, she got a turned up nose

Starboi3 & Doja Cat - Dick Lyrics AZLyrics

My nut went away within, I was back to fuckin frantically She was nuttin, she was tired, she was weak, she was whinin Said she couldn't take no more and said she's 'bout to start cryin By now I could feel my nut oozin up my shaft Muscles gettin sore in my thighs and my calf Started poundin the pussy faster, faster, ooh, I'm bout to nu my hands in her hair. We are our own saviours as we start both our hearts beating life into each other. Wond'ring aloud will the years treat us well. As she floats in the kitchen, I'm tasting the smell of toast as the butter runs. Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed and I shake my head. And it's only the giving that makes you what you are. Up To Me Take you to the cinema and leave you.

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The best independent music community on the net. Listen to music, buy and sell beats and albums No One Remix (Ft Damien Marley) Alicia Keys 160.0 4:40 Other No No No Dawn Penn 162.0 4:09 Massive Jointz 4 Reggae You Dont Love Me, No No No Dawn Penn 162.0 3:15 Dancehall Party 2004 2004 R&B You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) [CPR-024] Dawn Penn 162.0 3:25 Classic Party Rockers vol. 24 2005 R& Dave was trying to decipher the lyrics to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, wondering if Jackson was singing the lyrics, The kid is not my son or The CHAIR is not my son. Letterman played the song for the audience, but had stagehand Al Frisch say the word CHAIR in a thick New York accent over Jackson singing the word kid. A lot of people also hear the line as The. Learning to live again Intro : F4 F Fx F F4 F C Verse : F4 F Fx F I burned my hand, and I cut my face F4 F C Heaven knows how long it's been F4 F Fx F Since I've felt so out of place Dm C I'm wonderin' if I'll fit in Debbie and Charley said they'd be here by nine And Deb said she might bring a friend Just my luck, they're right on time So here I go again Chorus Bb F I'm gonna smile my best.

Ariana from Lima, Peru it took my a thousand times listenin to it to like it.. at first i just hated it.. it seemed to be so..,mmm.. oh! i can't find the word.. anyway, one day i said to myself, u're gonna like this today.. so i was lyin (i never knew how to spell it) in my bed listening to the lyrics and i just couldn't believe it.. it was amazing.. i love it since that night. My wife once caught me in her panties and bra ,so she told my best friend ,and I denied it ,then one night my wife said let me tie you to the post of the bed and play with your little cock ,it sounded good to me ,untill once she had my hands tied ,she then put her red lace panties on me and matching red lace bra ,garter belt and fish net stockings ,and then even took out a wig she had in the. Everybody likes to hold my Fanny But she loves no one but me. Everybody wants to seize my Fanny Everybody likes to squeeze my Fanny They'd do everything to please my Fanny Still she loves no one but me. Oh don't touch my Fanny, please don't ever try My little Fanny is reserved for just one guy That's why... I never let another love-light blind me Everywhere I go you'll always find me With my.

Your #1 source for chords, guitar tabs, bass tabs, ukulele chords, guitar pro and power tabs. Comprehensive tabs archive with over 1,100,000 tabs! Tabs search engine, guitar lessons, gear reviews. While we were kissing I rubbed my hands down her body and finally got to her short shorts. I pulled away from her lips and looked down at the button, making sure I can see what im doing. Finally I get the button and the zipper to her shorts and I undo and tugs them off her followed by her pink panties she was wearing. Damn! She looked so good naked. She then leaned up and started to take off. She said sure, I could use her daughter's old room. That meant they didn't have to drive me anywhere, so at 8pm I left for her house, as my mum and dad drove off to the party. When I got in, Sophie smiled at me and offered me some dinner. I'd already eaten, but she hadn't, so she made herself something and I watched TV. However I also sneaked a few glances at her too while I was. The King of No Man by Captain, We're Sinking, released 23 June 2017 1. Trying Year 2. Books 3. Don't Show Bill 4. Cannonless 5. Smash 2 6. The Future Is Cancelled Pt. 2 7. Hunting Trip 8. Water 9. Crow (Little Wounds) 10. Dance of Joy 11. The King of No Man Captain, We're Sinking have always had a story to tell. For the decade they've been a band, their songs have always confronted life.

Ladieshave you ever let your dog lick your pussy? I'm

He can never get Raul to rewrite a lick of homework or anything else. And don't even talk to him about checking his spelling He'll launch into a tirade on you in a minute. What? he'll snap. You thing Puerto Ricans can't spell? Forget it. Anyway, I dare you to find one misspelled work in that poem of his! Maybe it's a visual thing. Maybe he wants his poem to look as good She's grown up at last With a child of her own She struggles alone As the years all rush past But now you're not there to answer her call You're not there to catch her when she stumbles and falls Look mummy, no hands I'm having to do it all by myself Look mummy, no hands I used to dismiss you, now I just miss you As my child grows away from me, I feel my heart sinking I look back and. lyrics; shrines another eternity . Rubyinsides. some people lie and believe they'll never die there is no value in youth unless it is wise and kind. as much as i am myself this is a matter of wealth arrows of emeralds lead in our minds unfold. lest we forget regret foraging treasures left this is temporal all we have is our temperament. if i could i would let you see through me hold our skin.

She said she loved him but still left him out in the cold, broken heart and all. And even though she was cold hearted, he's still down on his knees. This one has a more relaxed pace but a good rocker just the same. And honestly, all the guitar work on this release is superb to my taste and this one is no different. Lastly is Play My Music. My little Demon Girl. Raised by the wolves in the hollow moon. Lick and a promise I got nothing to lose. Knife to the swine, raise a glass to the dead. Forget your pills, bring your whiskey instead. Her black magic keeps me up at night. Twin sisters from the wild lights. Fire woman it's a good day to die. And you know she makes me come alive. My little Demon Girl. 3. Atomic Bikini Wax 04:53. No, she said, pressing her cheek to the side of his neck. You do mind? Nomy first time, it was perfect. It was with you. In his arms, Grace not only heard Zachary sigh, she felt it too. Biting her tongue, she resolved to not say anymore outrageously infatuated things to him. But considering he was taking her to his bed, she wasn't sure how long that resolution would last. my naked devotion by karma she, released 03 june 2020 1. passion for the prey 2. multi orgasmic glock 3. deep clit 4. secret light 5. make me kittens 6. na na no 7. sauna 8. love very body 9. chengdu 10. distance 11. bashamayim 12. sauna (shero remix ADRENALIZE is the fifth studio album by DEF LEPPARD released March 31, 1992. The album was the first by the band following the 1991 death of Steve Clark. It was produced by Mike Shipley and Def Leppard, with Robert John Mutt Lange as executive producer. The album debut at #1 on both the U.K. Album and U.S. Billboard Charts

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