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UnionPay (auch China UnionPay, CUP oder UPI) ist mit mehr als 6 Milliarden ausgestellten Karten das weltweit größte Kartennetzwerk. Es ist sowohl international als auch national unter chinesischen Shoppern weit verbreitet. Es bietet u. a. folgende Vorteile: Akzeptieren Sie UnionPay-Debit- und Kreditkartenzahlungen online, im Geschäft und In-Ap UnionPay Kreditkarten können auch für das kontaktlose Bezahlen mittels NFC genutzt werden. Dies setzt allerdings voraus, dass die Karte vorher mit einem Guthaben aufgeladen wurde. Kontaktloses Bezahlen greift nicht auf dass Kartenkonto selbst zu. Kann man eine UnionPay Karte auch in Deutschland beantragen? Nein, dies ist nicht möglich. Um die UnionPay Karte in China zu erhalten, muss man zuerst ein Konto in China eröffnen. Ob dies allerdings lohnenswert ist, bleibt fraglich. Trotz der. The three most popular online payment systems in China are: Alipay; WeChat Pay (official name TenPay) China UnionPay (CUP, or just UnionPay) Before we start, here's our very first piece of advice: In a totally perfect scenario, we'd recommend integrating all three of these systems. This way, you'll cover 100% of shoppers, or very close to it. But that's a general recommendation.

UnionPay cards can be smoothly used at 180 countries and regions worldwide. Safe Convenient Preferential. Created with Raphaël 2.2.0. America Europe Asia Africa Oceania. Asia. Europe. America. Oceania UnionPay. UnionPay (also known as China UnionPay, CUP or UPI) is the world's biggest card network with more than 7 billion cards issued. It is widely used by Chinese shoppers internationally as well as domestically. Benefits include: Accept UnionPay debit and credit cards online, in store and in-app. Acceptance in more than 125+ markets Although COD makes up the most significant percentage of China online payment methods, the trend towards using debit/credit cards (China UnionPay cards) is continually increasing as more domestic and international online merchants integrate the option of online card payments on their website. Shipping methods in Chin

UnionPay Online Payments is the payment method its cardholders use when making purchases online. SecurePlus Planet is the world's premiere UnionPay provider, offering merchants one secure connection with the fewest clicks at checkout with SecurePlus - for both debit and credit cards. UPOP provides a safe and secure shopping environment for UnionPay cardholders and is now accepted in over 170. In this e-payment world, a debit card is one of the most common ways of online transactions. If you have a bank account, you would also have a debit card for sure. So you have a payment gateway for a website, mobile application, or game app? Well, in that case, it becomes inevitable to check whether debit card payments go through properly or not. Most of the people use China Unionpay debit cards

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Other online payment services UPI offers include installment and buy now, pay later (BNPL) plans. So far, UnionPay cardholders can pay in installments at around 30,000 merchants such as.. When making an online purchase, shoppers enter their card details on the payment page then submit their order for authorization and payment. Features . Chargebacks ; Multiple Partial Captures ; Recurring Transactions ; Refund The company's online payment business is based on the four-party business model, and 20 million online merchants from more than 200 regions accept UnionPay cards. Amid COVID-19, the company has been working on scaling online acceptance and making online payment experience frictionless 中国银联将发挥银行卡清算机构优势,升级开放合作能力,联合境内外的商业银行、商户和产业各方,共同为持卡人和移动支付用户等提供优质高效的支付服务 Online payment transactions have to be confirmed by at least two of the following three elements: The UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) programme is UnionPay's global payment programme for e-commerce transactions. You can pay with the following UnionPay cards on lufthansa.com: UnionPay cards (card number begins with 62) Other credit cards with the UnionPay logo Debit cards with the UnionPay.

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  1. Pallapay is the only payments solution in UAE which allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite. It gives you access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, netbanking, and popular wallets
  2. Buy a UnionPay Prepaid Card and pay online in China. Looking for a virtual credit card that is valid for use in China? Buy your UnionPay Prepaid Card here, fast and easy, and forget about the hassle of traditional credit cards. Avoid complex application processes and wait times and get your secure prepaid credit within seconds. It is immediately ready for use in China after redemption! You don.
  3. Transactions are generally instant when you pay online using UnionPay but note that if you are using a prepaid card, it can take several days to transfer money into it beforehand. It's also worth noting that while most brokers process CUP deposits instantly, withdrawals can take longer. Security . As with other major payment processors such as Visa or Skrill, broker transactions via UnionPay.
  4. UnionPay International is the only global card scheme offering 100% coverage of the accessible payments network in China. Instant global payment online and offline. Transfer & withdraw funds safely & securely. Manage & track business related expenses. No extension of credit required - you only spend what you load

China UnionPay allows payments with UnionPay cards (debit or credit cards).Adding China UnionPay implies reaching Chinese consumers the number of whome keeps growing. PG Multi-Payment Service is a comprehensive payment platform that offers various online payment methods, such as credit card payment and convenience store payment To pay your ticket with UnionPay Online Payment just choose UnionPay 银联 as the means of payment when booking the ticket. You will be forwarded to the UnionPay website, where you can finish your payment following the instructions. In case of any problem please address to the support team for UnionPay cardholders: +800 8009 5516. russia@unionpay.com. Ticket return. To return your. UnionPay cards are not only well accepted by the domestic cardholders but also highly appreciated by cardholders in more and more countries and regions. The cardholders can use the bank cards to pay their credit card bills and utility fees, book flight tickets and hotels, and perform self-service funds transfer via mobile phone, internet, fixed. 3. Acquirer of online B2B trade platform enterprise transfers funds that's been successfully paid to the enterprise via UnionPay network. 3.5.2 E-invoice Payment. E-invoice Payment is mainly available for traditional trade export enterprises without Internet E-commerce front-end online system. By accessing the B2B Platform directly as users. Policyholders registered with the Customer e-service can pay renewal premium with VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay Card via Online Payment gateway. Applicable to RENEWAL PREMIUM. IMPORTANT NOTES: Only applicable upcoming due premium / overdue premium within grace period. The customer is responsible for the administration fee (2.73% for VISA or Master Card and 1.58% for UnionPay) which will be.

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  1. STICPAY is an online payment service provider that caters to millions of customers in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere. To make things clear and for those who have heard about STICPAY before, they issue Unionpay Prepaid Cards that are accepted in various countries around the globe. Thus, it's not a MasterCard. By using their global E-Wallet, you can manage payments cross-border instantly and.
  2. Credit Cards in China (China UnionPay cards) Online credit card usage in China is less than 5%, not as popular as in Western countries. International cards such as Visa and MasterCard are not common online payment methods due to the low-trust associated with them in China. Debit Cards (China UnionPay cards) Debit cards are widely used by Chinese consumers for Internet purchases. The funds paid.
  3. You can pay online with China Unionpay (CUP) at the retailers listed below. Topman. Topman is a men's apparel shop. Topman is the male counterpart of Topshop. Topman is headquartered in the UK and sells men's clothing, suits, shoes, and accesories. Payment methods Payments accepted are American Express, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, Solo, Arcadia Group Store cards.
  4. UnionPay is one of the largest bank card networks in the world, and the only one in China. It has more than 250 bank members, both in China and worldwide, and has 2.1 billion UnionPay cards currently in use. Its reach now extends into 83 countries outside China, making it the payment method of choice for Chinese buyers abroad. *Visit Britain 2014

UnionPay was founded in 2002 and approved by the State Council and People's Bank of China. The only domestic bank card organization in the People's Republic of China, UnionPay also serves as a widely popular voucher payment method in all Asian markets with international support in 141 countries around the world UnionPay offers two forms of payment options: Personal Online Banking and Corporate Online Banking. Personal Online Banking: Customers can complete an online purchase using Personal Online Banking by deposit and credit accounts. Charges for all items on an order are processed immediately regardless of shipping status

UnionPay hofft, einen größeren Anteil der mobilen Zahlungen in einem von zwei Unternehmen kontrollierten Bereich zu erreichen. Aussicht. Der chinesische Mobile-Payment-Markt wird derzeit von Alipay und Tenpay dominiert. Die beiden Unternehmen, die die mobilen Geldbörsen Alipay und WeChat Pay betreiben, besitzen einen Marktanteil von 90%, was. Establishment of system for online payment Authorization and Acquiring in China's International online card Transaction. Establishing the largest UnionPay e-commerce authentication (UPOP 5.0) system in Korea. ILK U-ACS (UnionPay Access Control System) UnionPay Reference. Have experiences in various FinTech businesses for the first and second financial sectors compared to other PSPs and many. China UnionPay is not the only one, but one of the most famous Chinese payment systems worldwide. UnionPay has maintained its representation in no less than one hundred and fifty-seven countries and has a network of more than 1 million ATMs. UnionPay users are able to pay for goods and services quickly and conveniently. Most often, people use UnionPay to obtain cash from ATMs or order goods. UnionPay Online Payment Method. Please note that you can also pay with Visa and MasterCard credit cards via WeChat Pay (desktop only) and Alipay. If you are unable to see your preferred payment method on the Payment page, please restart your booking by clicking here. Step 1: Choose Payment Method . Under Payment Options, select UnionPay Cards as your preferred method. Step 2: Terms and.

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ONLINE PAYMENT WITH OVERSEAS (NON- HONG KONG ISSUED) VISA/ MASTERCARD/ UNIONPAY CARD. You can pay with non- Hong Kong issued VISA/ Master/ UnionPay cards at AIA Customer Corner. Customer Number (CN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are required for , if you forget the CN and PIN, please click Forget CN or Forget PIN on. This replacement has no impact to transaction processing, but can provide enhanced risk control, such as restrictions on payment token usage by specific devices, merchants, or channels. The UPI Payment Tokenization service operates in compliance with EMV payment structure specifications and has already been adopted across the whole mobile payment product line; it also covers online payment The Payment Express UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) solution enables NZ and Australian merchants to expand their eCommerce storefront to accept UnionPay payments. The UPOP solution is available via our flagship PxPay 2.0 Hosted Payment Page and in most cases merchants with Payment Express can add this feature without additional development work. This is a great option for merchants to offer an.

With the significant presence of companies such as Ali Pay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay (Tencent), China is witnessing retail payment revolution. In India, online transactions are increasing owing to the government initiatives. According to the National Payment Corporation of India, in January 2019, the cumulative volume of transactions through Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has surpassed the. UnionPay enables cardholders to make payments in the comfort of their homes by providing distinctive payment services for use cases such as food delivery and online tuition payments. In 2020, UPI. PayPal might let you link payment types that are not available in Australia to your PayPal account. See the PayPal website in your country for more information. A surcharge of 1.01% applies. UnionPay. We accept UnionPay for online payments in ImmiAccount. Surcharge of 1.90% applies. Pay by BPAY. You can also pay for an online application by BPAY UnionPay International helps to accelerate adoption of new technology by merchants, financial institutions, and other technology providers. Browse the approved 3-D Secure 2.0 Third Party Institution directory to look for partners meet your business needs. Unit 1701-05, 17/F, K. Wah Centre,191 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong The request for payment will be redirected to the UnionPay Online Payment website. Verify the payment by entering the appropriate details and submit payment by clicking on the Confirm and Pay button. Some UnionPay debit cards may not support this service. Click View/Print Receipt at the 'UnionPay payment confirmation' screen to view and/or.

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In der jährlichen Acquirer-Statistik von UnionPay rangiert SIX Payment Services*, mittlerweile Teil von Worldline, an der ersten Stelle in Bezug auf das Acquiring-Volumen in Europa. Das Unternehmen ist seit 2006 ein enger Partner von UnionPay International und bietet seinen Händlerkunden in über 30 Ländern die Akzeptanz von UnionPay sowohl am POS wie auch im E-Commerce an. Mit seiner. UnionPay ® (for online applications only; debit cards not accepted) If you use a prepaid credit card, keep it for at least 18 months after you pay to make refunds easier. Find more on prepaid cards. We also accept all Debit MasterCard ® and Visa ® Debit cards. The card you use doesn't have to be in your name. The cardholder's name will appear on the receipt but it does not need to match.

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China unionpay co., LTD. All rights reserved (C)2002-2021 Shanghai ICP for 0703218 June 7, 2017 By CIW Team. China's third-party online payment market had total transactions of over US$820 billion in Q1 2017, led by Alipay (34.7%) and UnionPay, while mobile payment transactions reached US$2,761.78 billion in China, led by Alipay (53.7%) and Tencent Finance. China online payment overview for Q2 2016 UnionPay. Founded in 2002, UnionPay is the only domestic credit card organization in China. Ever since the establishment of UnionPay in 2002, the three-color logo of UnionPay brand has appeared on over 2.0 billion pieces of bankcards. UnionPay card can not only be used in China, but also be accepted in 125 countries and regions outside China. OTT Pay launches UnionPay Online Payment solution to support e-commerce. 2020-04-30. TORONTO, April 30, 2020 - OTT Pay, a leading Canadian payments company helping Canadian merchants navigate the ever-growing Chinese consumer market, continues its expansion of payment services with the announcement of the immediate launch of UnionPay Online. If the shopper submits their valid payment details on the UnionPay payment page after the timeout, UnionPay shows the shopper an exception message and prevents them from completing the payment. Worldpay will then notify you that the payment has not been completed. There is a potential situation where the shopper submits their valid payment details at the exact moment that the timeout is about.

The Payment Express UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) solution enables NZ and Australian merchants to expand their eCommerce storefront to accept UnionPay payments. The UPOP solution is available via our flagship PxPay2.0 Hosted Payment Page so in most cases merchants with Payment Express can have this feature without additional development work. In addition to supporting Online Payments, Payment. Online payments. UnionPay is China's first financial-level pre-authorization service for secured transactions. The system allows payment for online shopping at any merchant that accepts UnionPay. In 2014, the total amount of cross-bank transactions of CUP card exceeded 41.1 trillion yuan

First time online payment (For UnionPay Card) First time online payment IBM Press Room - At the Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2016, IBM and China UnionPay E-payment Research Institute previewed the demo of a collaborative project on loyalty bonus points exchange among multiple banks using blockchain technology. With a few simple and quick steps, consumers will be able to exchange bonus points from among any of the banks they do business with to select the. UnionPay online payment service is recently available at major ecommerce like Amazon (Australia) and Ceezmall in Pakistan; food ordering apps like Foodpanda in Southeast Asia, and online ride. UPOP is an integrated, comprehensive, open online-payment platform which jointly launched by China UnionPay and Commercial Banks and fully supports all types of CUP cards_Besides it can provide a fast, multi-selected and global payment service for UnionPay cardholder With no doubt, smooth online payment solutions provided by UnionPay bring convenience and ensure safety during the pandemic, said James Yang, General Manager of UnionPay International Middle East.

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  1. Just a month ago (Dec 2017), UnionPay announced a partnership with iPay88, Malaysia's largest online payment gateway provider to expand its online acceptance. At the moment, more than 50 Malaysian e-commerce websites have incorporated UnionPay cards acceptance. Moving forward, consumers will be able to enjoy secure and seamless payment experiences with UnionPay Cards at over 70% of Malaysia.
  2. UnionPay International - Singapore. April 9 ·. UnionPay Cardholders in Singapore can now use the @Atome app to make payment at over 2,000 retailers across the region, online or in-store. Users will be able to make payment in three easy interest-free instalments with no additional service fees at Atome partner merchants
  3. OTT Pay launches UnionPay Online Payment solution to support e-commerce. TORONTO, April 30, 2020 /CNW/ - OTT Pay, a leading Canadian payments company helping Canadian merchants navigate the ever.
  4. Online banking, also known as Real Time Online Banking (RTOB), allows you to shop online safely and easily. Payment services include iDEAL, FPX, CUP Online, Nordea, eNets, POLi and Sofort. Payment by RTOB is free of charge at KLM.com. You can even use this payment method up to 2 hours before departure. After you have selected your flight, choose the applicable online banking method for.

The Market Research on the Online Payment Market 2021-2025, now available with Market Insights Reports, Introduces systematic details in terms of market valuation, market size, revenue estimation, and geographical spectrum of the business vertical.The Online Payment market report offers an overview of top company profiles with business value and demand status of the industry SnapPay is the leading North American payment gateway. Not only enable traditional payment solutions like Visa, Mastercard, also have the Chinese payment instruments Alipay, WeChat Pay, and China UnionPay acceptance for North American merchants, permitting safe and secure online, in-store, in-app and mobile transactions Hany Al Deeb, Country Manager at UnionPay International Middle East, said: We at UnionPay International Middle East are committed to providing safe and convenient offline as well as online payment services to our global cardholders visiting the Middle East region. In Saudi Arabia, for example, UnionPay cards are already accepted at over 60,000 point-of-sale terminals and half of the local. As a safer payment method during the COVID-19 pandemic, UnionPay International has been pushing for contactless and online payments solutions in the region and throughout the whole world as part.

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05.06.2017 - SHANGHAI, June 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - After UnionPay mobile QuickPass QR code payment was launched on May 27 in mainland China, UnionPay International announced today to extend this. At UnionPay, payment security for our Cardholders is a top priority. Each UnionPay transaction strictly adheres to the system-safety management and data-safety management guidelines of local regulators, with regular security measures updates. #UnionPayYourWay. 1. UnionPay your way to a happier belly with 15% off a la carte food orders at selected TungLok Group restaurants with a min. spend of. It is still the most common payment method for offline transaction and its entry into online payment market is relatively recent. In May 2017, UnionPay introduced its first QR code based payment method similar to the other two payment systems we have reviewed. It is, however, going to be an uphill battle against AliPay and WeChat Pay who already control about 90% of the market. Union Pay.

Similarly, UnionPay encourages customers in Thailand to adopt more contactless payment options such as online shopping when you are home, or contactless card payment and QR payment if you are out for essential matters like grocery shopping and packing food. In fact, there are multiple benefits of digital payments, beyond reducing physical contact. Fast and Convenient - Digital Payment. Build your payment form for UnionPay. When a shopper chooses to pay with UnionPay, collect the following details in your payment form: Payment details Example input Required; The card number 6250947000000014 The card expiry month 03 The card expiry year 30 The security code (CVV / CVC) 737 The card holder's phone number +85211112222 Make a payment. From your server, make a /payments. ECARD is the first U.S. issued UnionPay EMV Prepaid card that has a worldwide acceptance. Besides basic financial card functions, ECARD supports online payment and mobile account management. ECARD sets up business partnerships with merchants around the world to provide tremendous cashback for card holders

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Ethiopian Airlines has started accepting online payment with UnionPay cards to aid ticket purchasing for cardholders on the airlines' website. The collaboration will allow UnionPay cardholders, with cards whether issued in China or overseas, to select 'UnionPay Card' in the payment options and complete payment using UnionPay online payment after filling in necessary on the airline's. We enable online payment acceptance on UnionPay cards. We're also Unionpay's third party service provider for enablement of Virtual card, QR Code & Host Card Emulation based transactions. Card Scheme Partners. Diverse Acceptance We have over 10 banks partnered with us for ecommerce and mcommerce services. Join today and accept payments from all of them Banks. Safe. Secure.

UnionPay International through UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP), a global payment system for e-commerce transactions, offers UnionPay SecurePay as a service that allows payers to shop online using their UPOP SecurePay account on the UnionPay SecurePay website. UnionPay SecurePay is a supported browser payment method in the MasterCard Payment Gateway. This page describes integration details. Globebill, based in Hong Kong, is the rising leader in secure online payment solutions that was founded to facilitate safe instant payments between individuals and online businesses. Our years of.

Provided by more than 70 Chinese issuing banks, SecurePay is a redirect integration, where the shopper is redirected to UnionPay's secure webpage to provide their credit or debit card payment details and authenticate themselves using UnionPay's security control system. Payment type. Payment flow. Countries. Currencies FEIG ELECTRONIC, Spezialist für Self-Service Payment Terminals, erweitert sein Kernel-Portfolio um China UnionPay (CUP), dem weltweit größten Kartennetzwerk. FEIG schafft mit dem Kernel die Voraussetzung, dass Quickpass Karten der CUP-Tochtergesellschaft UnionPay International (UPI) an allen cVEND-Terminals von FEIG akzeptiert werden. Der Kernel wurde gemäß der Transit Edition der UPI.

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  1. UnionPay is nevertheless putting up a fight. Last month it started working with airlines Lufthansa, Emirates , Etihad and Air Holland to provide payment services for online airline tickets through.
  2. The agreement will see WorldPay become the first UnionPay Online Payment acquirer in the US and the vast majority of Europe[1], to enable merchants to sell directly to consumers in China, as well.
  3. g, Retail, IT services and Software, Professional Services, Travel & Hospitality, Transportation & Airlines, Social networks & Entertainment, Housing and utilities services Payment Directio
  4. UnionPay also offers online and mobile payments, with their mobile payment app QuickPass hitting 150 million users in April 2019. As part of their online payment processing, UnionPay offers an e-commerce solution, UnionPay Online Payments (UPOP), which allows for cards to be accepted over the Internet with real-time transaction authorization

Octopus Online Payment Service + WeChat Pay ^UnionPay Credit Cards issued by banks in Mainland China and Overseas (including Hong Kong/Macau/other organizations) and UnionPay Debit Cards issued by banks in Mainland China are accepted for payment. For details of banks that support UnionPay Online Pay supporting banks, please click it. + Octopus Payment Limits: (i) For Octopus card and Octopus. MOSKAU, 14. Mai 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UnionPay International (UPI) gab heute bekannt, dass Ozon, Russlands größte E-Commerce-Plattform, UnionPay Online-Zahlungen ermöglicht hat und 3,3 Millione MOSCOW, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UnionPay International (UPI) announced today that Ozon, Russia's largest e-commerce platform, has enabled UnionPay online payment, offering convenient services. Alipay and WeChat Pay are the world's most widely used payment solutions which completely revolutionized the payment experience. Alipay is Alibaba Group's online payment platform. It is currently used by 1 billion active users. WeChat is an all-in-one messenger App with one-touch mobile payment support. There are 1.1 billion active users UnionPay becomes first international payment brand in Malaysia and South East Asia to launch Frictionless Parking with Sonicboom at two KL parking complexes GoPayz UnionPay customers can now park.

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Wide-spread acceptance of UnionPay Online Payment is expected to be launched early 2017. About UnionPay International. UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay's global business. In partnership with more than 1000 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 160 countries and regions with. UnionPay(TM) Newest Online Payment Solution for Discover(R) Merchants The Flip of a Switch Turns e-Commerce on for Billions of Chinese Shoppers Email Print Friendly Shar Booking Online. Payment Options. Emirates now offers even greater choice and flexibility when it comes to paying for your flights online. Choose from a range of payment options when booking your flight online. No matter your currency, location, bank, card, or account details, you're sure to find a payment solution which suits you. Visa or MasterCard. Make payments by Visa or MasterCard, and. The Card will soon be enhanced with online payment features for users to leverage for e-commerce transactions, as well as UnionPay's contactless payment feature - QuickPass. Topics: Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank, Microfinancial Services giant, Cebuana Lhuillier, UnionPay. Related stories: Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank reaches 1M Micro Savings account holders; brings Filipinos closer to.

Thai Payment Network goes live. On February 24, UnionPay International, together with Thailand's top four commercial banks, announced that TPN (Thai Payment Network), Thailand's local switching. MotionPay's online payment API integrates with merchants' e-commerce platforms, and with mobile commerce apps too! The most adopted way to pay in China today, the QR Sticker is simple to use and meets simple needs at a fraction of the cost. Integration with existing POS systems using Motion Pay POS Payment API

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China's state-owned clearing network UnionPay is partnering with some of the world's biggest smartphone brands to launch mobile payment services in the country. But allying with Apple, Huawei. To apply for a BDO Gold UnionPay Credit Card, call the BDO Customer Contact Center 8631-8000, Domestic Toll-Free at 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT) or 1-800-3-6318000 (DIGITEL) Click here to view the BDO Gold UnionPay Application Form. Apply Online Download PDF. Principal Membership Fee (FREE on the 1st Three Years SIX Payment Services unterstützt die Einführung der neuen UnionPay Europe Card der Bank of China Akzeptanz der Karte bei mehr als 100.000 Händlern in 32 Ländern sichergestellt . Zürich (OTS)-Der paneuropäische Zahlungsdienstleister SIX Payment Services unterstützt gemeinsam mit der Bank of China und UnionPay den Erfolg einer neuen Kreditkarte speziell für chinesische Reisende.

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